Lokpal v/s IT Whistle Blowing

Team Anna vs Nandan Nilkeni


I support LOKPAL and respect ANNA, but 100% disagree with the method and means adopted by him. In the past 40 years, no one encouraged the LOKPAL. The present UPA Government took interest (though under pressure) and agreed to have a discussion, now when you are being given the opportunity to put your draft, then justify it, argue and win the discussion by logically supporting your draft, have the sports man spirit. On being logically suppressed you go out and start these protests.
Gandhi Ji said “Hate the Sin, Don’t hate the sinner”. Out there in Ramlila Maidan, it is all personal. Cheap comments on Politicians and our Governments are inculcating wrong values in our generation and this could contribute in spoiling the culture of our country as Civil Disobedience, if practiced in an uncontrolled environment can cause loss not only to the country but also to the cause. Masses would take such teachings to their hearts and this would lead to an imbalance in mass decision making. People would openly defy statutory laws and all this would impact the economy.
You and I are LOK as we are doing are KARTAVYA as citizens of India by doing our respective work and contributing to actual development. This, at the end of the day would contribute to the country’s development. As far as the people with ANNA are concerned, only 10% of them know what LOKPAL is, rest are not LOK they are MOB, and definitely MOB will make a MOBPAL not LOKPAL.
PROTEST: If a person or a group of people express their view (DISINTREST) against any rule/policy, without an expectation of change, just for the sake of notification, then it is protest.
BLACKMAIL: the same as above and use tools such as SATYAGRAH and civil disobedience for forcing or pressurizing changes, then it is BALCKMAIL
SON: ”DAD I AM GOING ON ANSHAN” [. what would he do, ]
1. Try to convince him by debating,
2. Try to create social pressure (By asking his MOM to make me understand), and finally if required
3. Thrash. There is nothing wrong in what the government is doing.
Because he is going against his family discipline and is trying to break the discipline. If he could logically make his father understand the importance of the AEROPLANE, that would be the right way of doing it.
A community “X” sits on Anshan demanding a separate Independent Nation “Xistan or XDesh”. The protest is Non Violent and there is complete Civil Disobedience.
Government: “This demand is going to break the integrity of our nation and can lead to such protests in future.”
X Community: “In the past you have given full cooperation to Civil Society leaded by Mr. Anna, and have also agreed to the LOKPAL, so why are we not given the same opportunity, is this Democracy?? We follow Mahatma Gandhi.Satyagrah is a very powerful tool, but the above example which I have given, is meant to show that, A person needs to be mature to use such a powerful tool and I feel that our society is not ready for such a authoritative version of Lokpal, though it is ready for as a Lokpal Social Awareness Forum”. A Mob is not rational, so in future, there are chances of MISUSE OF SATYAGRAH so I think the government is doing right by being hard. There is a MAFIA saying “DONT BREAK THE LAW, BEND IT” this is what is actually happening. Government and Public share a relationship and all Lokpal has to do is act as a catalyst and building the two way relationship. It is not required to be an additional relationship. You can clearly see, Coalition Government e.g. UPA comprises of 6 parties, then there are 6! (Factorial) combinations and putting LOKPAL as another party to this would only increase the permutations and combinations. So it just has to be out of the framework as a SOCIAL FORUM rather than a GOVERNMENT ENTITY.
When a system is established, a set of rules and regulations or laws are defined for the system. Once a system completes the transition phase and is functional, any infringement of law or regulation, in terms of time, energy, food, thought or wealth in context to the system would be referred to as corruption. We should understand that corruption is not only in terms of money.
Stages of building a LAW OR PROCESS:
1. Collect requirements
2. Draft the Law
3. Have Discussions
4. Doing the Final Draft
5. Executing the Law
Once the law is implemented, the law has to be amended by following the law, if the law resists you from doing the same (makes an infinite loop), then one should go for a VOTE. So protocol should not be denied in a system as it can cause instability in the complete system.
Is only the Government Corrupt?
If a father has two sons, one working for the Government and the other working for a private company, both are likely to be corrupt if their father gave them wrong ethical and moral values and both are likely to be honest if they were given good teachings.
If we analyze the core objectives of a Private Company and the Government, we see that the objective of a private company is to make profit whereas the objective of the Government is Welfare of State so it is likely to be less corrupt as it has a positive motive.
Efficiency of private Organizations with strengths of 10000 Employees cannot be compared to the Government which is one of the biggest organizations in India comprising ¼ of our population.
Hypothetical Situation
Private Organizations
TOOLS (Mechanism of Measuring Work)
Quality, ERP Tools etc.
Traditional Paper Work
Time Taken for Claiming DA
10 Mins
100 Days
Quality of Information
Near 100 %
Data Losses during Computerization
Very Less
Very High
Situation 1
Claiming DA
In a private organization equipped with an ERP, we have the facility of claiming our DA through a computer application.
In Government we have the mechanism of filling and submitting a Hard Copy form.
The management of a private company has soft records of all the claims done and amount reimbursed. It could put up a statistical report in 10 minutes if asked by the Top Management.  In case of Government, if asked to provide statistics of DA claims, it would take several months to give projections as it would need to first computerize the information. In present times using manual methods is not a scalable method to do work. Our government is required to move to the next generation and implement technology instead of using primitive techniques. This initiative has been taken by NISG & UAIDI under the guidance of Mr. Nandan Nilkeni.
So the inference which we draw from the above example is that we need to implement IT as is can enable our Government to:
1.      Monitor Work SLA’s
2.      Monitor Performance of Employees
3.      Saving Time, Resource & Cost
4.      Fraud Analytics
5.      Improving Government Service Delivery
Bringing about such big technological changes in organizations demands cultural changes in the society too. The phase of transition of any business is very sensitive. People should be patient and must cooperate with the people who are working on improving our Government. Transforming the Government would take time and definitely we are required to contribute by being optimistic. Issues of corruption and negligence would always persist but we are required to have a long vision. Slow and steady changes can only develop a good culture as with time comes experience and the experience makes us mature to handle a cultural change. We need to synchronize our laws with Tools to help us save time and money.
Unique Identification Number or UID Cards are being made so that each citizen can be given a unique ID with differed UID Number that can be used for enrolling or enjoying any beneficiary scheme announced by the government. The UID numbers provided are stored in a central database, where the individual’s biometrics like fingerprint, iris and other details will be stored. When an individual wants to apply for a scheme, then his UID number will be matched against his biometrics and authenticated.
The biggest problem is, we are not able to make a single government in India. Coalition governments are not stable, decision making gets faded due to different interests. So must have a change in the parliamentary vote proportions. Problem is not of a law, it is of implementation and moreover the mechanism of measuring the output. We are speaking of corruption in terms of money whereas the problem is of “CULTURAL CORRUPTION”. You have seen the quality of representatives in our PARLIAMENT.” Some are criminals some are barely educated. But the solution for fixing this is:
1. THE REVOLUTION (SOLAR SYSTEM) – The social motion, where we required people like ANNA to create social and moral pressure on government, BUT THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE DECISION MAKING POWERS.
2. THE ROTATION (Self Improvement)- We should see to it that we do not do any sort of corruption. We improve our CIVIC SENSE.
As citizens of our country, we feel the importance of a ZERO CORRUPTION STATE. Corruption does not have any hierarchy. What guarantee do we have that people in the Lokpal Samiti would or could not be bribed. So now rather than speaking against corruption and against our country, we should penetrate into our lives and see whether we are going as per our principles. Because corruption is not only in context to money, it is related to any kind of infringement of any protocol or principle. Corruption at the top level has its roots amongst us.

2 Responses to Lokpal v/s IT Whistle Blowing

  1. Anhad, well written and debated. A few points, well taken. But what you are missing here that revolutions are and never were caused by following the established discipline.

    You have quoted Ghandhi Ji. I am sure you remember the civil disobedience movement.

    What is it that matters then? Should we let others misuse the tool on the pretext that Anna once used it and won? No.

    I think what seperates one from the other is, the INTENT!

    • True, I had the opportunity to read “The Writings and Speeches of Sahab Ji Maharaj” and was surprised to see HIS article “Civil Disobedience No Mercy” Page No. 50. You may read it. I am for HIS opinion.

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