Madagascar 3 3D

Madagascar 3 3D

For all the movie buffs out there, you surely wouldn’t want to miss this one! And especially in 3D! Madagascar 3 3D is surely a treat to watch after a week of high labor and countless stress!

There is love and friendship and countless chasing and a successful return back to New York for our 4 protagonists – Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria! But it is fully laden with adventure and the 3D effects just make it a notch more adventurous!!

The Penguins are simply lovable and cuddly and so cute! And so smart too! Plus they are even allowed to drive a car, apart from humans of course! For a change, even King Julien XIII falls in love with Sonya the bear that drives a bicycle in the first half and a bike in the other!

The circus animals are simply adorable! Gia, the jaguar who is not only smart and independent, but also Alex’s love interest in the movie! Vitaly, the ferocious tiger plays the fallen hero of the circus who rises back from the ashes with the help of Alex’s Hair Conditioner!

Stefano, the sea lion is cute, fuzzy and has an average intelligence, although some say it is a little below that! He is instantly lovable and becomes Marty’s human cannon partner as well as convinces Alex that the show must go on!!

On the other hand Captain Chantel DuBois continues to terrorize our fiery animals and especially Alex, as it is his head that she wants on her wall more than anything else! She is the best Animal Control Officer,  has a perfect track record, is cold blooded and relentless in her pursuit and completely crazy and obsessed until she is defeated spectacularly in the end by Alex, who not only does the Trampoline trick from the ground full of Cobras but also distributes balloons to all the children of the world!

Some scenes to watch out for – The spectacular escape all the 4 characters with the penguins and the lemurs and the chimpanzees make from Captain Chantel DuBois and her men! In 3D the effects are multiplied and you almost jump up and down in your seat and cheer along as they make their nearly impossible escape! And the grand circus that the animals put up after being totally reinvented by Alex and his friends! The effects are spectacular!

All in one it is one good movie to watch and you’ll come out laughing and feeling all good about yourself! The animals really make sure you have a great day and that you enjoy the movie till the end!

My full recommendations for this one! You’ll laugh your way throughout!

3 Responses to Madagascar 3 3D

  1. Akanksha Singh says:

    Thanks Swati for this review. Finally we will take Leher for her first movie :)

  2. Anukool says:

    Thanks for the review Swati, i will be taking my 3 yr old for the movie!!!!

  3. Swati Bhalla says:

    Absolutely!! I am sure the kids will love the movie, what with 3D glasses and all!! Let me now if the kids enjoyed it :)

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