Marriage Blues!


Background : I was just on my way back home last night, and on my way saw some couples enjoying the rains. I felt a pang of lonliness in my heart, and it is to this moment that I dedicate this poem to:

Its the marriage season, they say,
I look around at couples on my way,
Cozy in their little world without a care,
Oblivious to people around who stare

Wish I were a part of them;
And had my own gem;
Someone to handle my moods
And end my pathetic spinsterhood

I hope to meet the man of my dreams,
To the world I scream.
No matter how bleak the possibility
The hopeless romantic in me, abhors the sensibility

Resolute, I move on with life
Hoping everyday to meet Mr. Right,
And to myself I say
It will be your day someday!

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