My First Love!

It was a relationship of its kind

We were meant to be together, forever

Everyone expected us to

It was perfect, our relationship

Nothing in the world could ruin it

We laughed together

We cried together

We hoped together

We dreamt together

We could escape to that perfect world anytime

It’s not that reality was bad

But our world was perfect

It had all the colors, any color you wanted

It had all the emotions, any emotion you wanted

There was love

There was hate

There was hope

There was despair

There was magic

There was reality

There were lies

There was the truth

Some relationships we understood

Some were beyond explanation

Some people were nice

Some were simply mean

There was vengeance

There was fire

There was jealousy

There was desire

It was perfect, our relationship

Yet I left

It was not that I wanted to

Love was there, it would always be there

But time, there was no time

And slowly we grew apart

Let the shadow grow longer

And drift apart we did

Like the drops of water

But our love was strong

And no matter how many the hurdles

It survived the distance, the long time

And we were reunited years later

Only to realize what a mistake it was

To leave each other in the first place

I hope the mistakes don’t repeat

I hope I don’t stray again

I would always be there for my books

Who gave me my own new world

Reading was always my first love

And I promise to stay true to it forever.


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2 Responses to My First Love!

  1. parag says:

    direct from heart swati….good work….Sometimes I feel that when shall I write like u guys…keep it going

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Thank you Parag, it is so overwhelming to get a response like this. And I guess you should just start pouring your heart out on the paper, it will become a great read automatically! That is what I do, could work for you too :)

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