Not a perfect match


Its not difficult to overhear conversations, crowded carriages it make ….. part of your travel. Sometimes you are left with no option but to listen to what is being discussed. I don’t mind being a silent participant in conversations. In fact, if luck favors, I get to choose from as much as five live conversations which can range from love chat to family dispute. Not everyone is loud on phone, but almost everyone is audible. Not everyone is shy of having a conversation in public, but almost everyone is self-conscious. Especially the young girls who are been coaxed by their parents to meet prospective grooms. This is one conversation which is repeated so very often. If I were to average, it would be like one such conversation per week.

Most of the times the conversation would start pleasantly and then end abruptly. All the conversations would have five common conversation pieces.

“Now where did you find this guy?”
“I think its too early to get married”
“Let me get settled with my job”
“Why should I call (meet) him”
“Why are you in such a hurry to get me married?”

But this conversation was different. I was standing in front of this girl sitting on “Only for old and physically handicapped” seat. On another day I would have asked her to get up and make space for somebody who deserved to sit there. Not today, I was too tired from my day’s travel and didn’t want to argue with anyone. Also, there was no “deserving” passenger in sight. Must be her lucky day. I was trying to make sense out of the absurd advertisement on the platform, when I heard the usual, “Where did you get his information from?”. I knew where the conversation was heading. To my surprise I was proved wrong.

She continued,”Isn’t he the same guy Mamaji(uncle) was asking me to meet?”
“Well, I remember him.”
“Isn’t he also from Aligarh?”
“He has also studied from Aligarh University. I remember, our classmates would call him Gulli(?)”
“He was such a dud, I didn’t even speak to him in college.”
“We also worked together for sometime, ask Mamiji(aunt), I had told her about him.”
“Yes, the same irritating fellow, who used to talk too much.”
“He was trying to be too friendly with me. I ignored his advances.”
“How come he was recommended for marriage?”
“Don’t worry, I will talk to Mamaji(uncle) and get you out of this mess.”
“I know his parents had approached dad last month, proposing marriage.”
“Are you crazy, I would never get married to a weird person like him. I would also not allow you to get married to him.”

The conversation ended there. I had to get down at the next station. I am not sure what happened to the girl. Yes, I do know for sure that the poor chap is not getting married anytime soon!!

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