Not really sleeping!


It’s so easy to doze off while travelling. I am forever missing stops while travelling because of my habit of sleeping off. I have a gift of falling asleep anywhere, any time. When I travel in metro, I realize I am not the only one who has been blessed. There are dozens of other people who happily sleep in metro, dozing off, snoring away and falling over their co-passengers. Sometimes people even miss their intended stops all because of that extra two minute nap. One would think waking co-passengers and asking them about their destination would be a good idea. Compulsive good will messenger that I am, more than once I have been in “not-so-pleasant” situations for helping people.

Once I was travelling in the metro bound to Gurgaon, where my co-passenger was sleeping blissfully. I could hear her heavy breathing. Metro was at approaching its destination with next station as the IFFCO chowk. My experience tells me almost everyone gets down at this station, so I decide to check with my co-passenger for her destination. I tried waking her by saying, “Excuse me, do you want to get down at the next station?”. Got no response from her. I nudged her gently this time to ensure she wakes up. I finally succeeded in getting a response when she said, “No I will get down at the last station”. She continued, “I was not sleeping, was in deep meditation”. I smiled in a failed attempt to conceal my surprise. But my smile probably prompted her to continue, “One should use whatever time they have for meditation. The art of meditating is in reaching the phase of oblivion even in most unlikely surroundings”.

I was sure she was sleeping, however decided to keep quite. She further added, “You are young, if you start meditating now you will be able to achieve this in few years”. Well, if you ask me, I am too young for yogic meditation. My dad has tried to convince me for ages (for my bother won’t even bother listening) and I have always refused. She went on to tell me what were the different ways to do meditation. The different stages of nirvana (yes, she said nirvana) of human soul which can be achieved through meditation. She told me she taught yoga and meditation on weekends. She even offered a discount of one month fee if I agreed to join her classes “now”. When the train reached the last station I thanked GOD. Before she was able to convert me into a devotee, I collected my belongings and rushed out of the carriage.

The other time I tried to help my sleeping co-passenger, it turned out to be my last such attempt. My co-passenger was sleeping blissfully with occasional snoring. The train was approaching Rajiv Chowk which is the destination for most of the people. In my effort to be a helpful citizen, I called out, “Excuse me sir, do you want to get down at the next station”. I had expected a blank look and probably a “thank you” in response. Instead he was taken by surprise in his sleep and woke up with jolt. His belongings fell on the floor. I had realized it was mistake to interfere in his sleep. He shot me a look of disgust before asking me, “Why did you do that. I was not sleeping. I know when I have to get down. I was carrying a laptop in this bag, what if it was damaged now?”. I didn’t know what to say. I managed to mumble a sorry and got up from my seat. I bumped into him again at Rajiv Chowk and was not pleased at the way he looked at me.

I have promised myself never to try and wake up up my co-passenger again. Though there are still very many people like me who can’t stop themselves. Only yesterday, a girl was sleeping occasionally falling over her co-passenger (a testimony of deep sleep), when her co-passenger tapped her shoulder to inform her Rajiv Chowk was the next stop. She woke up with a blank look and whispered, “I was not sleeping. I know its Rajiv Chowk. Anyway thank you”.

Well, if no one is really sleeping….why bother!!

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  1. Truly enjoyed the subtle and sopehsticated humor you draw out of an otherwise mundane commute.

    Its quite a thing to see the sunny side of everything. Really enjoyed!

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