Oh My God!


Considering the recent series of movies Akshay Kumar was doing, I didn’t really feel like going for this one as I’d put it in the same league as Joker and movies like that. I was wrong.

Oh My God is a class in itself, beautifully made with exceptional acting done by Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and every other supporting character. The movie was out an out a Paresh Rawal movie and he carried it beautifully till the end.

As a friend of mine pointed out that Akshay had done a lot of meditation to prepare for his character as Krishna, it showed as he had never looked so radiant, so calm and in a weird way so beautiful. Yep, that is weird but he looked sort of enlightened and so at ease with himself. I guess meditation does have it’s benefits.

But the movie is simply a must watch for everyone, whether you believe in GOD or not, whether you are too much into Religion or Spiritualitty or even if you don’t understand a thing about it, it is a treat for everyone and has something to offer no matter which caste, creed, sex, Religion or levels of Spirituality you belong to.

Questioning your faith, your belief is never wrong. You are  just trying to find and connect with GOD in your own way. Even an Atheist is an Atheist until he finds the Ultimate Truth, but for that blind faith doesn’t work. Belief is good, but question it and mistrust, but pursue it until you find what you are looking for. Then the belief that comes will be pure, unadulterated and complete with knowledge. And that is the true form of love and belief for GOD that everyone wants to achieve but without a guide, they are just like a herd, grappling with whatever little knowldege they have and moving forward without any understandng of what it is that they are truly looking for.

All this movie is trying to put forward is that be a good person, do good, think good, have faith but not on these statues or these Godmen who travel in a merc and talk about salvation when they themselves sit inside their comfy homes enjoying millions of money made by exploiting the faith of the poor man. There are leaders, there are Guru’s who will show you and lead you on the right path, don’t search for them in the glitzy world of Religion but for what they truly stand for, emancipated souls who will help you find your own way.

Learn to distinguish between these men, not every Guru is exploiting your faith but to get to these Guru’s, you need to struggle and work hard and really keep looking until you find HIM. Then just have faith and nothing can stop you from fulfilling your life’s destiny, to be with the Almighty, the One, to find that Ultimate Truth. But beware of the glitzy glamorous world of Faith, Religion is supposed to be every person’s individual journey inwards, to look into his/her soul and find the Almighty, not a lucrative business to make money from and exploit the one thing that every person holds dear to him – his/her Faith.

Look inwards, pray and love the Lord, be a good person, do and think good and find the right Guru who will help you in your journey.  And finding the right Guru is never easy, you need to really search for him but when you do find him, half your journey has been made already. Religion, Faith is a very personal thing, let it remain so.

As Mithun Chakravarty says in the movie, ‘They are God-fearing people, not God-loving’, that is exactly what needs to change and then maybe this whole business of Religion can be wrapped up and Religion will be brought back to what it originally was, pure, unaduletrated true love for GOD.

Watch the  movie to appreciate the true meaning of Religion. Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar, hats off for giving such a wonderful concept as a movie. Brilliant direction, an apt sound track and a wonderful concept which needed to be brought to the fore, to make people realize that they are becoming the herd and that they need to stop following the wrong people to avoid getting butchered, so that one day they can understand and realize what life is truly about.

Truly a master piece. Don’t miss it. 4 Stars from my side.

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