Good Bye Farooq!

A sense of loss always warrants an outburst. The saddening news of exit of actor, presenter and philanthropist Farooq Sheikh made me find my words to express once again, after a long time over. Having stayed away from words and from My Share Cafe for .. More »

large nos

The Case of overwhelming numbers!!!

King Shirham was one of the victims of growing numbers, he wanted to reward his vizier Sissa Bin Dahir for creating the game of chess. This Vizier very humbly bending down on this knees told the King, “Majesty, my request is very simple, give me a grain .. More »


The Challenges of Consciousness Studies : A Review

In this article I deal with, Consciousness viz. one of the most familiar and the most mysterious aspect of our existence. The Conscious experiences define our lives, but the subjective, private, and qualitative nature of these experiences seems to resist .. More »

Light Bulb

“See more. See beyond. See different.”

I recently attended the India Social Summit where I interacted with a number of “Shahrukh Khan’s” and “Aishwarya Rai’s” of Digital Marketing in India. Prathap Suthan, the father of the “Incredible India” campaign, became one of my favourites’ .. More »

curiosity 3

The Curious Case of Incuriosity

Cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity. - Dorothy Parker Ever since my 16 months old daughter started to walk, she has been reaching out for things. Nothing special, just things! Anything. Her range often surprises me. She is .. More »


Interactive Paradox

If you are reading this, it is quite evident that you haven't ignored the message that I had asked you to ignore. But you couldn’t have known that it asked you to ignore it, till the time you noticed it. When you had noticed it, there was no way of .. More »

ice cream

The Game Theory

While driving around India gate, have you ever wondered why most (if not all) ice cream vendors are stacked together in a small huddle. Ever noticed, that highway ‘dhabas’ exist mostly in close clusters. Or maybe, next time when you take a .. More »


Randomness versus Chaos

My last movie going experience was both entertaining and stimulating one. This Friday, I watched the much anticipated, ‘Peepli Live’. The story deals with the sensitive issue of farmer suicide, served to the taste of the mainstream audience with .. More »

burn the boats 1

The Economics of Motivation

Sometime in my early childhood, I had heard this fairytale of a king. The one who was forced into believing by his tailor that he was wearing a royal suit stitched out of such priceless fabric that it would be invisible, but only to the royals and the .. More »


Systems Approach to Problem Solving

Today’s problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that once created them. -Albert Einstein With that statement, one of the greatest thinkers of our century had made the strongest case for an approach that needed us to do more than trying .. More »

Music and Some more…

Last 2-3 days have been a lot about good music. I feel a lot more calmer than I have for some time now. Maybe not completely, but its a good start. I might just find my mojo again! Part of the reason has something to do with enjoying some of the best ..

Say No to Child labour

Child labour
"Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time." According to a recent estimate ..

Walk and Laugh

Mumbai walk
Its Sunday, again. And I see everything is as it was. Last Sunday morning, I decided I was going to wake up a new person. Turn over a new leaf. After all, it's October. The weather is changing colors. Why not me? So, I am up and about at 6 am. Shortly, ..

Sapno Ka Safar (Part 4)

"Tu kyun aayi mere bete ki zindagi mein.." Mummaa ko daadi ne dhakka mara or chantaa bhi; woh choti si angel apni maa ko uthaane daudi Naanu naani bhi ab tak pahuch chuke the, jaise hi woh ander aaye, angel unki godi mein chali gayi; "Naanu, ..

Life of a Feline

feline eyes
Welcome! It's the saddest of all times. Maya Dolas passed away today morning. I am still mourning her death. She came into our lives as a surprise. Or more like shock. We should have known. In fact, we should have expected it. It was bound to happen. ..

I don’t trust news anymore

As a kid, I had learnt that news stood for North-East-West-South. I believed it then. I am no longer sure it is true anymore. Going by the acronym it would represent the directions from which share-worthy information would be disseminated by those who ..

Judgemental? Think Again

At times, a passive person always attracts unusual and negative attention. Favoring an honest audience part, we always think wat we like without really knowing the real story. Here's a small comparison of thoughts on what might lie underneath those layers ..

What is Original?

We all want to be unique. original. different. individuals. But it's quite surprising that this very need of being unique or different from our fellows is so common that it defeats the very concept on the first stage itself. But, common, akhir dil to ..

The Written Word

I have been addicted to the written word as far back as I can remember! Books, magazines, words that create a thousand new worlds - never fail to amaze me. I still read and wallow into new worlds which always adapt me as a welcome listener as the stories ..

Oh My God!

Considering the recent series of movies Akshay Kumar was doing, I didn't really feel like going for this one as I'd put it in the same league as Joker and movies like that. I was wrong. Oh My God is a class in itself, beautifully made with exceptional ..
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