Please Reconsider – Think Again……

think again

If you think I am snobby because I wish to walk alone; it could be that I don’t want to stand in your way,

If you think I always act buzzy; maybe I was trying just a bit harder to run away from life,

If I cry; please don’t think that I need your sympathy; its not that I am weak, maybe I just wanted you to say that you are here to stay,

If you think I am arrogant cause I don’t give up on common thoughts; it could be that I refuse to go by what the society demands,

If you think I m too foolish to hear loud music, maybe I was just trying to ignore the world out there with its questions,

If at times I don’t react to your jokes, its not that I am throwing tantrums; its just that i want to be left alone for a while,

Because I know somehow down the time you wont be there n I would have to be on my own. May be I was just trying to get into the habit.

If you think I was being a little foolish and too possessive; please think again you have mistaken my care and affection,

It does not matter to me what the world thinks about me, I am who I am and I will remain what I want to be forever.

Lame, foolish and arrogant

As you see it,

Independent, Simple, a class apart

As I view it.

I just have one thing to say, probably you just need to give me a second chance

Please “think again” before you make a judgment!

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