No one knew but it rained for me,
Its hard to believe but they even danced for me.

The memories fell on my window sill,
Some hit the ground, some are hanging there still.

I went on to touch those memories,
To live them again, to drench in,

Before I could feel them, they went plop!
Stupid me, they were just raindrops.

I took a step back,
Scared of losing them all,

I decided to just look at them from where I was.

Crystal clear they were,
Yet so far and delible.

I looked down, at those lost moments wearily,
But nothing remained of them,

May be they met their destiny.
I stood there in my balcony,

Waving goodbye to my last drop of memory.
Yes it eventually dried away too,

I felt empty but who knows,
Maybe finally its time for something new.

I turned away,

Thinking what a bizarre day,
That it rained for me.

And it was really hard to believe but they even called out to me

5 Responses to Rained

  1. Swati Bhalla says:

    And now I wish it would rain for me too! Beautifully written Priyanka.

  2. Beautiful indeed! Waiting for it to rain now..

  3. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    As soothing as rain itself

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