Rediscovering Our Raw Self

Rediscovering Our Raw Self


The box office cash register in the recent times has rung with the success of movies like Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Ishqzaade and the most recent Gangs of Wasseypur. All the movies have brought to limelight the raw and remote hinterland of shining India, with the protagonist being crude, coarse, rugged and uncivil with a heart of gold and strength of character.

Is the transition of our leading men from being suave and aristocratic in ninety’s to raw and rowdy today, an indication that new generation of the country has come of age from the demure and elegant conduct passed on as British legacy?

Have twenty-first century Indians started appreciating their roots and are drawn to unpolished, untainted attitude, dialect, more, because of its freshness and novelty or we have come to realize that our strength lies in being our own selves and not imitation?

‘Wassup’ is being replaced with ‘kaisan ho’; ‘hey dude’ with ‘ohh bhaisahab’; ‘awesome’ with ‘zabardast’ and ‘woman’ with ‘womaniya’. Even MTV, the epitome of westernization is now urging to STAY RAW. Is it just a fad or we are actually trying to get closer to the 70% of our contemporaries inhabiting the rural India? Will the changing storyline of our movies aid in bridging the gap between two India?

Keep pondering and stay grounded to your roots.

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  1. Swati Bhalla says:

    The success of these movies indeed shows that the youth today are embracing their raw self and actually proud to go back to their roots! The attitude and the willingness to except these changes is also important and I am glad the youth today has the sensibility to appreciate and imbibe it in themselves!

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