Satyamev Jayate – Let the truth be told!

Satyamev Jayate

 “Satyamev Jayate is a window. Open it. Look out, and you might find you’re looking in.”

On 6th May 2012, when I logged onto Twitter, Satyamev Jayate was trending on three spots which is unusual even for Twitter. My Facebook timeline was filled with “wows and hats off’s” to Aamir Khan. Not to my surprise, the Ram Shankar Nikumbh of the real world managed to do what even my parents couldn’t… he woke me up! The entire nation was awake on lazy Sunday morning!

The effort to shed light on social issues such as female feticide, child sex abuse, dowry etc is commendable. Are these issues new? Of course not! Aamir and his team have shown us a mirror and wiped a thick layer of dust off it! They have beautifully raised concern on matters which are either ignored or kept under the sheets to avoid public humiliation. Aamir reverentially disentangles their emotional shock and shares the truth that our society chooses to ignore.

The marketing plan of the show is a case-study in itself. The name of the show is extremely captivating. It gives everyone a sense of “being Indian”. The show is broadcasted not only across Star channels but also Doordarshan channels which has about 50% viewership in India. Besides India, the show is also aired in 100 countries across the globe. Star Plus has even organized special screening of the show in some inaccessible villages of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.  The catchy title track of the show by Ram Sampath is now either a ringtone, caller-tune or someone’s humming song!

The hard-hitting topics of discussion in every episode are very well laid out- starting with Aamir’s personal view, followed by facts and figures on the concerned matter. It is remarkable to see those who have suffered, courageously step up to share their stories with the world. The songs performed at the end of the show, specially written and composed on the “theme of the day” leave everyone on the show and nationwide speechless, moved and wanting to step forward to fight for a cause.

What I find most interesting is the shows time-slot. I think Aamir and his team are aware of the fact that we all like waking up a bit late on a weekend. So why 11am on a Sunday? Because everyone starts talking about it during lunch, when they meet their friends in the evening and a follow up conversation at the dinner table- it’s that simple! The show has also strategically planned their digital and social media presence.

The show is uploaded on YouTube minutes after airing on TV. Their website is not only a platform for them to be heard but also to listen. Anyone can ask a question, Share a solution of the social issues discussed on the show so far, share their story, send a message of hope and even donate for a cause!

So what is the impact?

The show’s impact on the common man was evident when their official website crashed within minutes after the telecast of the first episode. Almost 1, 00,000 people dialed in to talk to Aamir Khan. With just four episodes in, the show has reached out to 27.8 crore television viewers. Minutes after the show is aired, there are endless debates on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The pre-launch digital campaign of the show reached out to 8.2 crore people. Since the launch, it has reached out to 1.25 crore Twitter users which is 75% of the user base in India, 1.4 crore users with 10 lakh fans on Facebook. The show has also received over 1 crore hits on YouTube and Rs. 1.1 crore donations online!

And this does not end with only figures. There has been an incredible impact on some sections of the society and the Government. People can’t stop thinking about it; no one can stop talking about it. The show has managed to inspire and instigate a social movement unlike any other. The Pune Municipal Corporation party leader, Arvind Shinde has questioned the Municipal commissioner Mahesh Pathak, on the dissolution of the ‘Pre-conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques’. Over 64 nursing homes were suspended in Bhopal after the first episode was aired. The Rajasthan government gave the green signal to set up a fast track court, to speed up the trial in the female feticide cases.

The Pune Municipal Corporation party leader, Arvind Shinde wrote to the Municipal commissioner Mahesh Pathak, asking for an explanation on why the ‘Pre-conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT)’ cell was dissolved. Just recently the Lok Sabha passed the “Protection of Children against Sexual Offences” Bill and this is just the beginning.

Satyamev Jayate has achieved what most TV shows couldn’t, it has translated words into actions. The world is genuinely paying attention to these social issues. The TV show has generated a lot of enthusiasm and touched many lives. The awareness and positive impact the show is generating is admirable. Satyamev Jayate is on a mission to awaken the change and I am sincerely all for it!

4 Responses to Satyamev Jayate – Let the truth be told!

  1. Hi Roohani,

    A very well researched and excellently presented article must say! It is indeed an all round effort that has gone in behind the success of Satyamaev Jayate.

    I too have got up from my couch, motivated after every show. But later, no efforts made towards any social cause. Did a few sms, though. Guess, that was the most convenient thing to do. Nothing else..

    Wonder, how can one celebrity change this. The basic human nature of thinking much, sympathizing but, doing nothing about it!

  2. Roohani Nayyar says:

    Thank you sir! :)

    Sometimes all a community needs is a voice which can instigate a movement. I think the point of the programme is for people to stop ignoring these issues, to make those aware who’ve not been told about it – Now “doing something about it” will come with time, because this country has a long way to go!

    Sending SMS’s was a tiny step but it was a step. Next time you might want to get up and go to rally! Maybe help out the ones in need. It all happens with time.

  3. Swati Bhalla says:

    A fantastic article about a fantastic show Roohani!

    The awareness has always been there about the social issues in the country (by awareness i just mean that people have the knowledge that these social evils prevail) but at least this show would make them sit up and realize how badly an action is needed to eradicate these social evils completely!

    It is not okay to sit and just know about them, something needs to be done!!!

  4. Alakh Sehgal says:

    We are “Indians” till the time we are there cozily debating in our homes. The moment we step out, the very Indian transforms into a son, husband, father or just an employee…. In such an ironic world, Aamir’s sincere efforts to bring in change are constantly creating ripples in the otherwise stagnant pool of selfishness….

    Well Researched article Roohani…

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