“See more. See beyond. See different.”

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I recently attended the India Social Summit where I interacted with a number of “Shahrukh Khan’s” and “Aishwarya Rai’s” of Digital Marketing in India. Prathap Suthan, the father of the “Incredible India” campaign, became one of my favourites’ at the conference instantaneously!

I was in total of awe of him for simply getting through the audience within seconds.  His session on WorDomination: Having the Right Words at Your Command; was quite an eye opener, especially for someone who is usually ranting for content on a daily basis.

As he walked up the stage promising to blow our minds out, he said “I will put a grenade!” Now, I may not be able to quote him completely throughout but I am going to give it my best shot!

Our common enemy is a blank page! He lives inside all of us. Fills us with fear!

You live inside the biggest inspiration ever. Nothing is richer than India. Respect your first thought. Don’t worry about the length, grammar, tense.  Just vomit!

Writing is a bit like masturbation. The analogy speaks for itself. (That was actually quoted-not my imagination ;-) )

If you can’t write the first thought, write the first word; whatever comes to your mind. Every word is a spring board. Every word is a friend.

Suspend truth, facts and belief. When you decide to free write, you have to be free. No gravity or limitations. In your head and fingers, unleash everything and anything you want! Make up stuff which you normally wouldn’t think of: “The frog waddled like a pig, the song sounded silent. She yelled 2 bringals at me.” SHORT CIRCUIT YOURSELF!

Never stop midway, once you’re on a roll, you shouldn’t stop. Coitus interruptous.

Everything has a million shades, even stones.

Each emotion has a different pen.

Be endlessly curious.

Begin with original endings.  That’s the new way of doing it!

Fill your space where you think with strange things. They will poke your brain.

Have a quirky hobby; Make disconnected connections.

Stop telling yourself you cannot write, Play with your mind.

Describe sounds: Do not forget your surroundings. Sounds are complete ecosystems.

Sounds have worlds around them and you should be able to capture that.

Flip through a magazine and write through about it

Your home and office should be full of writing material.

Two small words: “WHAT IF” can make all the difference in the world.

When you write- be mathematical, biological, philosophical- be a character, be Gandhi, be SRK,  a man, woman character etc.

Writing is about details at the end of the day. Learn to document in detail by the end of it.

To write like an expert you have to practice every day. Fall in love with writing. Otherwise you won’t make it. Fall in lust with words. You don’t write with black ink. You write with red blood.

There is only one rule to follow and one road to take: WorDomination:-

Everything is interesting.

Everything has a story. Everything has a reason.

Everything has a poem. Everything has a song.

Everything has a tale. Everything has a speech.

Everything has a problem. Everything has a point of view.

Everything is talking to you. Everything is whispering to you.

Everything is brimming with verse. Everything is tippling with lines.

Everything is curious. Everything is luscious.

Everything is the beginning. Everything is the end.

Everything has detail. Everything has sound.

Everything has inspiration. Everything has energy.

Everything has character. Everything has texture.

Everything has originality. Everything has words.

Everything is exciting. Nothing is boring.

And finally, something he said to the crowd and later to me when I asked him to help me through an essay:

“There is nothing like a writer’s block. You’re just plain lazy.”

Conclusion: Anyone can write. Words are your slave. You are the master!


3 Responses to “See more. See beyond. See different.”

  1. Prerna says:


  2. Hi Roohani,

    It does appear to be an interesting summit. I am sure you had as much fun writing this stuff, as we had reading.

    This shall motivate a lot of readers who have been fence sitters and have been thinking about writing, but never started.

    Am sure after this article, MyShareCafe is going to see many more new authors taking the plunge.

    Good stuff!

  3. Roohani Nayyar says:

    Oh yes I did indeed! :) There was so much to learn in those two days.. Thank you! Cheers!

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