Silence – A Docile Killer


Silence means different things to different people after a fight;


A girl remains quiet for a long time and stays,
she wants you to come back.
She still tends to hold on to you!

What you must do:
Don’t make her wait for long. She might be to messed up to ask you to come back.


A girl remains quiet for a long long time n turns away,
probably she doesn’t want you back.
She has already given up on you!

What you must do:
You have already lost her. Don’t even bother going back!

However, If:

A boy remains quiet for long, he is just not bothered.
And that’s about it. Unfair, but true nevertheless.

Silence is the language of wise and a weapon for fair – a docile killer! It is the language that explains the smiles of joy in happy times
and tears of sorrow in sad times. Somehow, it’s just not very widely spoken language!

2 Responses to Silence – A Docile Killer

  1. Hi Vibha,

    Silence is not always decisive. It isn’t always black or white. Sometimes its just grey.

    Sometimes, inaction is the most appropriate action!

  2. Vibha Maini says:

    well said….

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