Some Inspiration!

I can never be what you want me to be
I can never be what you expect me to be
I don’t want to be what you wish me to be
Because when I walk out of your life
You’ll miss the person that was me
And realize that even with all my imperfections
I was perfect.

I wrote this years ago, when I was young and naïve and a little heartbroken. Okay, maybe I make it sound a lot but now that I look back and see it, it was actually not a big deal. It never was! In fact it was a stupid mistake from the start and yes I was being utterly foolish. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the most stupid decisions that I take in life. And for the record, I am still young, just a tad more smarter than my old, previous version. Which we all are, but it took me a longer time to reach the place I am in now, and which probably wouldn’t have taken you as long as me.

But then I got to thinking, how the entire human race suffers from this disease called Exaggeration! I mean, trust me, I love to exaggerate! If I prick my hand and see a drop of blood, I act like I’ve lost a gallon! If I forget one question in the exam, I act like I am the dumbest person on the earth! If I lose one little game, I act like the biggest failure in the world! And now when I look back and see my previous version, I can’t help but thinking what a complete douche I was back then!

But it’s not just with me; it’s with everybody you meet in this world. And I mean EVERYBODY! And it takes one douche to make you realize your own douche-ness and then the entire world becomes a douche!

I know you are probably confused about what I am saying so I’ll make it quite simple.

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS A BIG DEAL, NEITHER IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD. Point blank and simple. Which is weird because if the world does end it will be a big deal! Anyways, that’s how life is *sigh*.

If you understand this, your life would be a much more happier and a stress-free life and you would probably avoid that Heart-Attack you’ve been hearing about!

The point is that we tend to exaggerate. For example, you were in love with someone who probably walked out on you, or cheated on you or probably kept you in the best friend zone for years! Now the best friend zone is probably your fault and you should have walked out of it in the first chance you got! But naturally you didn’t so.  But yes, whatever the reason and you end up heartbroken, you know, logically and with assumptions that you still will end up with someone at the end of the day! But no, you act like you’ll never be able to love again not just demonstrating your crazy behavior but also driving other people around you to their wits end!

Then another one with the job. If you lose your job, YOU WILL GET ANOTHER provided you don’t just sit at home and crib about it and actually go out and do something about it.

The point is there is no problem in this world for which no solution exists! If there is a problem, THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION! Now if you are smart enough, you will find it soon or if you waste your life cribbing and crying about it, then no one can help you my friend.

So as my dad always says to me, no matter what you are feeling, always GET UP, DRESS UP and SHOW UP! Life is what you make of it! If you crib and cry about it you’ll just have more headaches and problems! But if you TRY and look for an alternative way or a solution to every problem you face, your life would be like a fun Math puzzle and all you need to do is solve your way out!

It sounds so good to be true but what it really needs is a major change in the attitude! Prioritize what really matters in your life! Your ex girlfriend, your soppy job or Soccer! Just do what you love and live happily and if you can’t do that, then just pretend to be happy! Maybe one day you’ll actually start believing it too!!

Hope this article serves as a reminder that life is much more beautiful and full of mysteries just waiting to be explored! The question is, are you game for it or you just want to sit in a room and cry about your hurt ego or your stolen wallet or whatever reason you deem important enough to cry over? Would you rather be that hen who is excited about his first day or like his melodramatic sad little chick that is just the epitome of grief and sadness there ever could be and would stop at nothing to bring him down (Metaphorically)! The choice is yours!

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4 Responses to Some Inspiration!

  1. Akanksha Singh says:

    Very well written Swati.Thanks for reminding this. At times we are so busy with our problems and our day today activities that we forget such a small thing – “Be happy”. Life is full of challenges and it always brings a new problem. Its up to you to either solve it or sit on it and crib that how miserable is your life.

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Thank you so much Bhabhi! Thats exactly my point! Life is to be enjoyed! Vaise hi gine chune pal hi to hai humare paas, wo bhi agar rote hue kaat diya to phir kya kiya.. But that is one point which people don’t understand! They worry about not what they are have but what they would like to get!! It just ruins the entire dynamics of the game! Life is genuinely meant to be lived, not dragged through!

  2. Aarti says:

    Wonderful. Yes, it’s just not a big deal. It never is :)
    Food for thought for everyone! Very ell written. :)

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