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Not just Archimedes, but all us experience eureka moment/s in which discover new concepts, build new relations and get the vision to see similarities in things poles apart. I experienced one such ‘Eureka’ moment on Saturday morning while deeply engrossed in solving a Sudoku puzzle.

The sheer connection and relativity amazed me more than the spider-man. At the same time, the hindsight of not seeing before what I could see at that moment left me a little disappointed. Being an avid Sudoku solver, for last 7-8 years, how could I not see this connection, how could I not understand the metaphor, may be cause every moment is not the eureka moment.

Mathematicians claim that even the most abstract things can be defined and described in numerical terms and here in front of me was the most abstract thing ‘life’ defined and accommodated in 9 by 9 square (divided further into 3 by 3 small squares) of Sudoku puzzle.

Leave everything you are doing for a second and go to pick today’s newspaper or browse the net and get a blank puzzle in front of you. Take a deeper look at it and see if you can see your life in it? All fixed and pre-determined and yet hidden from us. Only a hint here and there yet the path is all paved and destination so fixed.

I looked at the blank puzzle now in a pensive mood. I could see a big square made up of 9 small squares and some numbers to aid me in solving it. The solution already existing is unknown to me. Isn’t it just like our life? The divine supreme power already has a life-time plan ready for us but it is hidden, exactly like the solution to the puzzle. In our life-span, we come across numerous moments of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, love and loss. We call them miracles, silver lining, grace, mercy, intuition, guidance, past karma, luck, fate etc. but these are nothing but the hint numbers in the puzzle which guide us to the pre-determined solution and in the absence of which we will go haywire and never accomplish our goal. Everything is the part of the master plan which the Supreme Father has for us.

On further pondering over my puzzle, I could see each sub-square defining a phase of my life. Each sub-square complete in it yet so entwined with all the other squares and the whole puzzle in totality. A mistake in solving one square even one blank; tarnishes the end result. So is life, where we live in present but are tangled with past and engulfed in future. We can leave our past, but it will not leave us and the future will eventually be a result of our present and past. We move from one phase to other, but what remains tangled throughout is our belief, faith, value system, attitude and loved ones. These are the inputs that guide us in making the right choices in life just like filling the right number in the right square.

I had got so engrossed in this intriguing metamorphic equation that I did not realize that I have hit a road block in my solution. I was left with more than 10 blanks to be filled but could not find a solution. Have I made a mistake earlier or is there anything I am overlooking at present? Before I could get back to solving the puzzle further, the creative writer cap again donned itself on my head. Again, I could see a huge similarity of the situation with life. We all hit roadblocks so dark and bleak that no way seem to take us anywhere. I had a strong urge to give-up the game at this point, a feeling all of us come across when challenged by life, but I did not do so. My belief and values motivated me to face the adversaries of life with grit. I re-looked at the puzzle and a solution flashed to me and in no time the puzzle was successfully done. Was that flash a hint from almighty, was it a silver lining?

My eureka moment for the day was over. It had left me enlighten to see things not as they are but to see further and find out what lies beneath them. Eureka!!! Eureka!!!

3 Responses to Sudoku of Life

  1. Anukool says:

    Very well written, its the missing information be it life, Sudoku or a movie which makes it interesting!!!

  2. Thats’ a very interesting take on life Arti.

    What I am seeing happen is an all adage coming true – “There is learning all around you, all you need to do is look”

    I am not a sudoku fan personally, but will surely try solving one after this article! Maybe, I too would stumble on a few solutions that I have been looking for!

  3. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    Thanks for the appreciation!!!

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