Talaash (Hindi)

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 Kuch dhundti rehti hun,

Kitaab ke panne palatte hue
Shayad apni hi kahaani talaash rahi hun

Gaano ko badalte hue
Shayad apna geet sunna chahti hun

Lehro mein chalte hue
Shayad apni manzil chuna chahti hun

Ped ki daali se jhulte hue
Shahayd umeedo ko baandh rahi hun

Sapno ko bunnte hue
Talaash hai shayad khud ki

Is zindagi mein jeete hue
Kho gayi hai pehchaan kahi
Dhund rahi hun apna astitva

Zindagi mein bas chalte hue
Dheere se bad rahi hun main

Agar kahi main tumko milu
To mujhe zaroor bata dena

Phir aankhen band kar lungi
Jab dekh lungi khud ko

Aur paa lungi main mujhe
Phir kahi meri talaash khatam ho 

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6 Responses to Talaash (Hindi)

  1. Alakh Sehgal says:

    The uncertanity in this phase of life, where you are out of college, in new job, new place creates delimma and confusion…
    Very well expressed…

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Thank you bhaiyya! Guess I am living this dilemma now that it comes out so naturally in this poem!

  2. Swati,

    This reminds me of something called the ‘quarter life crisis’. Have you heard of it?

    In case not, it gives me a good thought to write about!

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