That’s me, I am human!

red bubble

I love dreaming
nobody ever taught me how to dream
but I always have the passion to get what I don’t have
that’s me, I am human.

I love loud loud! music
No one ever taught me to hear that
but I kinda love the life its pumps in me
that’s me, I am human.

I love explicit creations of God
And I never learnt the art of admiring serenity of love
but I am still in love with my life
And absolutely everything
God has gifted me
that’s me, I am human.

I love success and the fly high feel it gives
Not a soul on earth ever whispered in my ear that
to be successful you just need to be true to yourself
And now I have realized the steps that lead to my goal
that’s me, I am human.

I love toughness
No one ever told me that it’s not tough to rise
but it’s very tough to stay at the top
And I have learnt my lesson the harder way
that’s me, I am human and
I am trying really hard to be what I want to be!

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One Response to That’s me, I am human!

  1. Nitika Chugh says:

    wow very nice poem :)

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