The Amazing Spider Man!

The Amazing Spiderman

I had to write this review as soon as I came back home and to do it fast! I simply had to let you know how AMAZING THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN was!

Okay, first things first, it is nothing like the comic nor the original story, so don’t go in there expecting the same old story that you’ve already read. THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN is a totally new story line, with of course the same old basics but there is a lot to look forward to as well!

Mary Jane gets replaced by Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s parents are introduced as the outstandingly brilliant scientists, Uncle Ben and Aunt May are still there as the caring foster parents for Peter Parker, his uncle still dies by doing the right thing and Peter Parker wants his revenge, but I suppose will have to wait for the revenge in the next part as he couldn’t trace the guy in this one. Even the costume is a bit different for this one!

I agree that the emotional quotient is lacking here a bit which Toby Maguire played to perfection, but this Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield is young, reckless, playful, unstable, cute and so handsome, and just a regular kid! You’ll fall in love with him instantly! I know I did! Unlike Toby who lent the character some maturity, Andrew gives Peter Parker a fresh “just an ordinary guy” look. And his dashing good looks and almost melting eyes are like the cherries on that amazing cake!

The stunts are better and more daredevil, the action sequences will keep you hooked and at your seat’s edge, the soundtrack just adds on to the amazing experience and some wonderful moments in the movie to look forward to as Peter and Gwen’s conversations, the one where all the cranes come together to help Peter Parker, the scene with Peter with his skateboard! You surely won’t get bored! Dr. Connors as a big giant scary lizard makes for the perfect enemy for Spiderman and sure gives some amazing fighting moments on screen.

Compared to the previous series this one is more vibrant, younger and reckless and simply a nail biting adventure! Yes, all Toby Maguire fans would surely be disappointed but our young hero fares well too! And see I still can’t stop gushing about how cute he is since I started writing! He is simply handsome!

I agree Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is no Kirsten Dunst but surely looks good with Andrew and their on screen chemistry is something to look for!

The story line looks a bit incomplete too! If they could have just expanded the parent’s angle and Irrfan Khan did not get his due in the movie. His talents were surely underutilized and we surely never came to know who the client was who scared the hell out of Dr. Connors. I hope they do something about that in the next sequel.

All in all, amazing stunts, a good story line, edge of the seat action sequences and a mouth wateringly cute and dashing Andrew makes THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN truly AMAZING! And in 3D the effects and the sequences were simply magnified!

A treat to watch but could be a disappointment for the classic Spiderman lovers! For me, I simply loved it! I was laughing and crying and even cheering for Spiderman in the movie! Looks like will have great dreams tonight! :P

Enjoy the show!

2 Responses to The Amazing Spider Man!

  1. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    I agree that Amazing Spiderman is just amazing. Agree to all that Swati has said, just wish that the director could incorporate that old famous saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Overall liked it

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Oh yes! That seemed to be missing too!! I think the director concentrated too much on Responsibility and decided to give Power a miss!! Hope he makes up for that in the sequel!

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