The beauty of his voice!


The beauty of voice, is not in the choice of words. It’s not the classiness of the accent, or the huskiness of his speech.
It’s the beauty of his voice that attracts.

The purity of his heart is what reflects in the dialogue. When he is happy, his joy is apparent in his talk. When he is bitterly angry, his annoyance is clear in his silence amidst a heavy speech.

His voice conveys every emotion. What he wants to say. Also, what he doesn’t want to but intends to make sure you understand. That’s the splendor of his voice.

At times when I don’t want to listen, even a single word from him. And the way he calms me down with a cute and adorable note. His effortless ways of convincing and explaining the walks of life, is what is commendable.

It’s the serenity of his speech what makes the dialect too innocent. That’s the ethereal beauty of his voice.

Listening to him, Talking to him, takes you to the exquisite journey of patience. The beauty of his voice is so magnificent that its takes you to the dark realms of brooding ambience. A swirling eternal world of dreams.

It’s in the genuineness of his words, it’s in the depth of his of speech, It’s is the elegance of his accent. It’s all in the delicate beauty of his voice

Because that’s the only thing that makes his presence felt!

4 Responses to The beauty of his voice!

  1. Nitika Chugh says:

    awsum creation :) :)

  2. Amandeep says:

    Awesome work Vibha, i like your thoughtd on this…

  3. Eternally romantic!

  4. Vibha Maini says:

    thanks nitu….aman….and abhinav….

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