The Biggest Online Indian Shopping Bonanza, EVER!

It is the Great Online Shopping Festival! The first of its kind to ever hit India! Aren’t you guys excited about it? Go check out the website and let the shopaholic in you take over. With amazing brands and multiple ranges to choose from, your heart will go crazzzzzzzyyyy with this new shop fiesta online!

Launched by Google, this shop fiesta is only for a day so make sure you don’t miss the bus while you can still catch it! Of course there will be a few glitches to be expected, after all it is a new product of its own kind to be launched in India, so a little patience my dear Honey Bunnies and lo behold, by the end of the day you’ll have your hands full of the best brands and the best shopping deals ever!

Yes, I am totally urging you guys to take out your shopping cards, sit tight and let GOSF (as it is called now) take you on a crazy shopaholic ride! I know mine was completely worth it and I am still not over with it.

So log onto the website which has been beautifully done up, it is sweet and simple to look at and very user friendly so the chances of you getting lost there are quite minimal. It can be a little slow which is to be expected and forgiven since this is their first launch but rest assured, the brands and the quality of products are extremely good and it will be a completely worth it experience for shopping today on GOSF. is the site, just go and check out the website for yourself. And if it doesn’t appeal to the shopaholic inside you, ahh then I don’t know what will! Partnering with the biggies of the online shopping Industries like Flipkart and Ebay and what not, this festival is here to stay if only we all support it together.

And why not, shouldn’t the art and the pleasure of Shopping be also celebrated as we celebrate all the other happy moments of our lives? For people like me, who are crazily excited about even the tiniest of the things in life, I am so excited already to flaunt this festival out to the world and share the joys and that exhilarating experience of shopping with all of you! And that too the experience comes without the hardships of an actual physical shopping and the depleting glucose levels and the big bad sun trying to kill you every time you step onto the road to shop.

Get the best deals right in your office, your bedroom, your kitchen or wherever you deem fit enough to shop!

Enjoy this experience with Great Online Shopping Festival and do let me know how it was for you!

Looking forward to some great reviews from all of you. Happy 12.12 .12 and Happy Shopping :-)

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