The Choice Maker!

Choice maker

A car is simply a mode of transport for a lot of people I know. A mere convenience to move from Point A to Point B. Not for me, though.

As I am writing this post, I am trying to discover within, what does a car mean for me. Why selecting a car from a host of options, always becomes such a huge deal. You waste / invest (depending on the perspective) a lot of time going through the blogs, reviews and many other sources which can provide you a feedback about the Car.

So, it started!

I had driven my dad’s Maruti 800 for quite sometime now and I love the car. I love it for its maneuverability and also the simplicity that is put into this classic. For me, it also carries a huge emotional value to it. The first car that came win the family. The car which taught driving to me, my younger brother, dad and even mom!

We had some of the best outings in this car. It was liked by my grand parents too. I guess this would be the story of not just mine, but many families in a country like ours. Maruti 800 could well have been declared our ‘National Car’.

While I used to use this car, I was not having many issues until I shifted to Gurgaon. That is when the logistics guy did some goof up while transportation and messed up with the car. A sound appeared, followed by multiple trial and errors by the so called experts from the showroom. The guy working beside the road tried his hands too.

The summers and the winters are extremes here in North, unlike the quite moderate south climate that I am so used to. The AC is just a must. I also found my struggle with the manual steering for quiet a while. It was a huge deal! Though, she understood the emotional side of the car and always appreciated it, I found the need of having another car that could:

1. Give me a more comfortable ride for longer drives
2. Was newer and hence less prone to Workshop visits
3. My wife would love to drive it and
4. Last but not the least, I should love it!

Please do notice the hierarchy of points 3 & 4 ;)

So, the search started! It was decided that we need a diesel powerhouse as we needed the vehicle to be a highway burner and not a pocket burner. The options were:

1. Figo / Liked:

- The value for money this car carried (space, utility and robust)
- Bluetooth feature on its audio (absolutely loved it)
- Ride quality and
- Mileage

Figo / Disliked:

- Overall design was not appealing (i felt it looked dated)
- Stiff ride
- Not as good as swift

2.  Swift VDi / Liked:

- Absolutely stunning in Desgin
- Has the youth Factor
- Great Mileage coupled with Great Service

Swift VDi / Dislliked:

- The Swift signature for waiting period, although the staff was very courteous here
- The rear bench felt uncomfortable
- New Swift was about to be launched and price was unclear

3. i20 Crdi / Liked: I am an absolute Fan of this car. Had read a lot about this car

- Feature Packed
- Great power coupled with decent mileage
- Owned a Hyundai already and was aware about the service quality

i20 CRdi / Disliked:

- Overpriced: Had it been about 50K cheaper…
- Awful Hyundai Front end accross all the dealers I tried to engage for my talks.
- No test drive vehicle. I dont suppose Hyundai expects its customers to buy a 7L hatch back without even test driving it
- I read in many blogs that the AC is ineffective

4. Volkswagon Polo / Liked:

- The car speaks a lot about build quality
- Ride quality of a sedan and decent space

Polo / Disliked:

- OVERPRICED – only 2 variants and the base variant was just too basic for the tag it carried
- somehow the idea of a 3 Pot and its smoothness did not appeal me personally

Believe it or not, after having such a long tedious survey done, we were not having cars to buy in market!

Well, then one of my friends suggested the Fiesta Classic. I also heard that the price is reduced for this car. I had liked this car when I had seen it first and I was not sure if I could handle the cost of this car. However, when I first called up Ford on a Saturday evening, the guy was there at my door step with the car for us to test drive it.

I liked the way they treated us unlike the Hyundai folks who kept us waiting for over 15 days for a test drive and even after complaints directly on Hyundai’s website, nothing happened. It was a pleasant experience with Ford to say the least. The Test Drive was good. The car had power, it had some basic comforts, a decent AC and it was a Sedan. My Wife loved the car the moment she drove it.

I liked the ride quality of the car. It had loads of space and it had all the comfort that would be needed out of it. Besides all our long drives and long highway runs that we were intending to do, this car made the most sense. So it was decided finally!! This would be the car that I would own.

The buying process and the ownership experience of the car will follow in my next post. Please feel free to drop in your comments and post your experiences with the cars that you have.

Disclaimer: The above experience is totally limited to my personal experience and not an experts review.

2 Responses to The Choice Maker!

  1. suvira says:

    This blog gives the total pucture of our experience and probably the detailed, common considerations, beautifully written Mr. Singh

  2. Swati Bhalla says:

    Atleast now I know who to contact when I’ll purchase my first car! Very well written Jiju! As always, you’ve surprised me with another one of your talents! :P Good one!

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