The Curious Case of Incuriosity

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Cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity.
- Dorothy Parker

Ever since my 16 months old daughter started to walk, she has been reaching out for things. Nothing special, just things! Anything.

Her range often surprises me. She is able to grasp that shiny little box far from the edge of the table that I would never imagine that she could. She is just not tall enough to get her hands there. But she does. She does so by stretching to reach out and because she is curious!

Curiousness comes inherently and instinctively to any child of her age. They are beginning to explore the world and their surroundings. Almost everything is full of new experience or a new learning. They reach out, they fail and they try again until they succeed. World is full of those shiny little packets for them and they want to open just each one of them.

Wonder if that applies to us as well? By us, I mean anyone of us grown up enough to read this article. Do we still retain the same curiosity that we once did as children? Have we stopped stretching out any further?

Retaining your curiosity would mean being on a continuous lookout for the new – A new fact, a new song, a new text, a new love or maybe a new facet of your own personality. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things.

New means growth, and growth breeds progress. Curiosity is the essence of life!

Many of us don’t quite act that way, however. People have hobbies. A hobby is an attempt to answer curiosity at some level. But is that enough! Many individuals that I have come across, have quoted the same hobby from their first ever resume to the last. Guess their hobbies were more meant for resumes, then for themselves.

I am not demeaning the need for depth. There are some specialists and a few all rounders. World probably will remain that way. All I am proposing is that life isn’t just about growing vertically but also horizontally. The question that I intend to ask is why be bounded and limited by our own choices?

There are quite a few things in life that I never thought I would be really interested in, till I really got interested.

There are not many tools one can use to cultivate curiosity, but diverse reading is one of them. Let me clarify, finishing up the entire work of your favorite murder mystery author does not qualify under diverse reading. Have you explored poetry, instead?

Have you tried a new genre of music, lately? Do you wonder about ‘how stuff works’, anymore? Tried a new strategy or process at work? Researched a new concept? Or for once, ever admired the beauty, magnanimity and mystery of this creation?

There is never a wrong or a right time, to begin. Take MyShareCafe along as your partner in this journey into the new. But don’t restrict yourself to it. That shall defeat the very purpose.

Get connected to MyShareCafe through social media or email and you know where to start from. This will give us an opportunity to stay connected and grow together.

If you have appreciated what has been said above, leave your comments below. Make a beginning. Tell us one thing that you are or have been curious about.

Maybe, you share your curiosity with millions others and you just don’t know yet.

Looking forward! 

6 Responses to The Curious Case of Incuriosity

  1. Swati Bhalla says:

    Very well said bhaiyya! The problem today is that people are so wrapped up in small, menial things that they fail to see the bigger picture! They are growing up and walking forward but without any meaning or direction. People today take things on their face value rather than making their own game and setting their own rules.

    Hope this article serves as a reminder that life is not just about living like robots set about doing the same thing all over again, rather it’s about exploring new avenues, new opportunities and constantly challenging yourself because until we are curious about our own self and discover what is within, until we take that first step, there is no moving forward in terms of experiences and developing our mental faculties!

    Lovely article!

    • Hi Swati, thanks for the appreciation.

      But I believe the change is going to be slow. One article won’t change people’s outlook, all of a sudden. We have all got too habitual of living a new day like every other day.

      I did a small social experiment. I asked a question on my facebook wall. I wrote, “I am curious to know, what are you curious about?”.

      In all earnest, I wanted to know.

      Only two people responded, and one of them said “Death”.

      In contrast, a political satire of mine attracted a dozen comments and likes.

      Curious preferences, people have!

      Having said so, I still believe ‘curiosity’ is not dead. It lies dormant. All it needs, is a good shake up.

      Hope, that is what MyShareCafe delivers.

  2. Swati Bhalla says:

    I agree one article won’t suddenly force people to sit up and take notice of their monotonous lifestyle and drag them out for some adventure and some self discovering act, but that is how you start right?

    At least if we put a 100 more articles in their faces, they would someday realize what actually is missing from their lives and would get down to doing it!

    People are too scared to experiment and they are happy in their cocoons that they simply resist change! Once that changes, we’ll have a whole generation rediscovering itself! And that is indeed something to hope for!

  3. Vaibhav says:

    Nice Article Abhinav.

    Every individual has his/her limits.
    A child does not know the limits they explore each and every thing which is near to their reach.With each experience they start knowing the limits.

    As grown up(s) College going age the feeling is nothing is impossible..we can reach for the stars ..

    But when you go through the grind of job(s),family life..etc aka the middle age group then people know their limits/boundaries….They prefer to be in their zones ..that is they will stretch albeit depending on their limitations.

    However I do agree with you on your observation on hobbies..which should be cultivated by individuals for it brings out the best in the person and it should not be just for the sake of CV(s).

    Good to see u got the blogging bug …:)

  4. Chetna says:

    Hi Abhinav Sir,

    I just loved ur post. You know what excites me the most is interconnectedness of things that happens in one’s life. Something that happens to you, which you really regret at that point of time… If I would have done this, this wouldnt have happen to me. But later you realise, how important it was to happen for you to get the learning that comes from that something bad happened to you. And that learning can help you in some other domain of your life too. I just love it.. This is just one example. :)

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