The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

I know it is crazy and it is 1:30 a.m. in the night but I just came back from watching the Dark Knight and I simply had to share this with all of you. My internet is not working but I woke up my neighbor so that I could borrow her internet and just publish it! See that is crazy right?

Anyways it is truly an epic conclusion to the most extraordinary series. I have always been in love with Batman since I was introduced to the character and seeing the likes of George Clooney and Val Kilmer epitomize him onscreen was simply an out an out experience. But Christian Bale is a different story altogether and I have to include him in my dream list with the likes of Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.!

I agree that the Batman action was a little on the slow side but it is not always about the action right? Gordon, Cat Woman and the would be Robin “Blake” made all up for the fighting heroes while “Bane” continued to terrorize the audience since the start! And the awesome soundtrack and screenplay simply added onto the whole experience.

Director Christopher Nolan really knows his art and under his brilliant direction and a fantabulous camera work, this is definitely an edge of the seat thriller and would take you on a ride you won’t forget for the next 3 hours! Or nearly 3 hours, yes it is that long but definitely worth it although they did stretch it a bit in the end. But nobody is perfect and this definitely deserves applause. I know I lived through every scene, cheered like a maniac when Batman won, prayed for him and hooted for him when he fell and cried in the end when I thought it was the end, but it never is! And I surely don’t want it to.

I have always loved Batman because he is believable. Here is a man who is surrounded by his own ghosts of the past, who is fighting with the anger inside him every day while the whole world blatantly sits and watches and expects him to move on. But here he is, fighting everyday and coming out of it. Here is a man who is not afraid of his dark side, whose emotional and moral side crops up in every choice that he takes but no matter how hard the path, how far the fall, he always makes it.  That does not mean he doesn’t fall but he is not afraid to get up and try again until he succeeds.

He is a man who has lost everything in his life, his parents, his love, his money, the people he cared about and he has fallen. But he rises back to fight until he conquers the shadows and flies out of it, the BATMAN.

And truly, it is not about who is behind that mask. Anyone can be Batman, you, me or anyone. Absolutely anyone. Batman is just a symbol, it is his actions that define him. And so does we, it is our choices, our decisions in life that define our character, our belief, our faith, US. It is we who make our destiny, we alone have the power over it and we get to change it. The point is are we willing to do that? Are we willing to look inside us and find that the true power resides inside us, what we have been searching for all this time lives inside us?

It is time to let go of our guilt, that burden that has been gripping us, making us a handicap. It is time to be the person we were meant to be, reclaim back our lives, our destiny, our true self. Truly be the man/woman we were meant to be, find that courage and integrity in us, find and take that leap of faith and emerge victorious.

And then, we shall all be one day BATMAN of our own lives!

A fantastic movie, I am definitely going for a second watch, in fact already booked the shows for a Sunday show as well. Would urge you to go and watch it too. It’ll be truly worth it if you look beyond and understand what it is trying to tell you, let it reach out to you and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Happy Watching Folks.

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6 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Alakh Sehgal says:

    Loved it every bit…

    • Shashwat says:

      It’s “Bane” and not “Bale”.

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Its a fantabulous ending!! Its actually left me gasping for more!! Waiting for Robin to strike and really hope Batman joins him tooo!! :D

      • Rituparna Banerji says:

        u kno bhalla, i was more in awe wid d “flying” batmobile than with Christian Bale ;) i was actually heartbroken wen d earlier batmobile got destroyed in d prev movi(felt more for d batmobile than for Rachel wen she dies :D ) but Dark Knight Rises gives us d most awesome batmobile ever, doesnt it??? :)

        • Swati Bhalla says:

          Oh yes! It was beautiful, the BATMOBILE! Kudos to their imaginations to give us something so simple yet so igneous! You can never ever be let down by those awesome Batman gadgets, and that BATMOBILE STOLE THE SHOW!

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