The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The reason why I am putting this in both the Movie as well as the Book review is because I am going to talk about both of them simultaneously!


For all the book lovers, the first part of the Millennium Trilogy, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by “Stieg Larrson’ is an absolute delight to read! It is a very dark novel in which Mikael Blomkovist investigates a 40 year old tragedy and the unsolved mystery of the disappearance of Harriet Vanger with the help of his brilliant assistant Lisbeth Salander.

What Stieg has done here is create a fast paced, action packed thriller novel where you get mystery, lies, web, deceit and an astounding problem with a very simple yet unimagined solution in the end. He has created and developed the characters in a familiar way whereby you end up discovering, understanding and feeling with the characters at your own pace.

Mikael Blomkovist, a journalist who does not bend his morals for anybody and believes in reporting the absolute hard core truth is a man of his principles and brilliant at what he does. He is the bad boy who gets away with what he wants every time, be it solving the mystery or getting the girls. His charms seem to work on the reader as well as you absolutely fall in love with his character.

Lisbeth Salander on the other hand dresses like a punk, has tattoos and piercings at places on her body quite frankly unimaginable and at first glance you could mistake her for just another punk kid who has been on drugs and liquor and what not. There you go wrong because Stieg has created a kind of a heroine never seen before! She is brilliant, has a photographic memory, is a world class hacker and is the most unsociable person there ever could be! She has been the ward of the state in 12 and has been declared incompetent where she demonstrates how sane she actually is and it is indeed the society which needs a health check! Although this angle has been the prime subject of the next 2 novels so I won’t elaborate on that much.

In short it is a brilliant novel which edge of the seat mystery and you simply won’t put it down unless you had solved the mystery of the missing Harriet Vanger with the characters yourself. And the climax itself will surprise you as it is something beyond your imagination and you will simply love it!

Highly recommendable!


Now reading is something different but watching it on the big screen come alive like never before is truly a different experience altogether! The book is a very dark one and there are some scenes which absolutely give you the goose bumps. To see those very scenes being done on screen might be a little uncomfortable for a lot of people so advising no kids for this one.

Daniel Craig as the charming Mikael Blomkovist and Rooney Mara as the declared insane Lisbeth Salander are so convincing that you are practically hooked to the movie because of their brilliant performances. Naturally adapting the entire book in the movie would result in a 6 -7 hours screening, but despite cutting a few things and changing the end a little, it still remains a must watch!

The screenplay and the editing is fantastic, the soundtrack adds to r mood and the pace of the movie, the locations are exotic and for 2 and a half hours, you are simply transported to the world where with every pace you take towards solving the mystery, the more your own life is on the line.

A brilliant novel and an equally brilliant movie, a must watch for all the movie lovers and a must read for all the book lovers. But no kids and no grandparents. You’d be better off watching this with your spouse if you enjoy a dark mystery thriller.

Thumbs Up from my side! Happy reading and watching!

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