The Great Old Tree

Banyan Tree

A mystic breeze
Blows away the last shreds of hope
In tiny little shards of pieces
Breaks the heart made of wood

Standing the test of time
It stood there proud and strong
Before the mystic breeze blew
And smashed his ego down

A hundred years of endurance
It had seen generations pass
Held testimony to history
And to its own end
They brought him down
With repeated blows
Slowly oozing his life out
With every strike they made

Heartless as they were
It wasn’t for them to question
The horror of their actions
On that giant banyan tree

Placed in the middle of land
It simply had to go
To make way for another
Steel and plastic structure

How could the humans even know
The expanse of secrets stored
In the wooden heart of that tree
Now shattered by the mystic breeze

And slowly it fell
Bringing an era to an end
Taking with it the power
Of love and belief and strength

Because the world had moved on
To newer horizons
Where love was no more
And belief died

Strength was in money
Loyalty murdered
And with the end of the giant tree
It marked the beginning of a new era
Of steel and plastic structures.

 *Photo Credits – Google Images

2 Responses to The Great Old Tree

  1. Ravi Prakash says:

    Very deep poetry swati…the tree signifying the good which is killed for want of money….

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Thank you Jiju!! The world has become so materialistic today that good things simply have to go because maybe they are not enough to quench the greed gripping the society today!

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