The Leaf


It was dying
Lying all alone at its feet
At the mercy of the cruel Autumn wind
Withering and shriveling
It was at its life’s end
“Why me”, it wondered
“Why me, out of thousand others
Who still clung to that giant old tree
Proud of its fate and safe in its home
Alive and ready to take on life
What did I do? Why was I being punished?”
The questions abounded but there was no answer
At least no answer that could satisfy its dying heart.
And so it lay there, living its last moments
It did not curse the others who were safe
It did not feel bad for them
It just wanted to live some more
But the cruel wind would hear no more
It took it in its arms
And flew into the oblivion
And a tear rolled down its eyes
As it said goodbye… to life
It was… a leaf


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2 Responses to The Leaf

  1. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    Beautifully descripes the moment which we all must have faced at some point in life – ‘WHY ME’

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