The Light

Mehar Singh Chauhan

Glimpses of a fiery light
Shining bright
Spiraling towards me
Engulfing me in the brightness
Taking me to a place
Somewhere in the corner of my dreams
Holding on
Fearing I might fall
But the bright light smiles

Is that even possible?
And somehow in that smile
I knew I was fine
It took me to a place
Where stars shone bright
Where rivers flew wide
Where animals were happy
And peace was all around

Just too much happiness
That it was suffocating
And claustrobhic that I was
I felt the air draining out
And slowly it killed me
The pretense of so much happiness

But everyone was so high in their own happiness
That no one could notice the agony
The pain that was in me
Slowly caressing me
And engulfing me
When soon I’d become one
With the pain
And nothing mattered anymore.

*Photo Credits – Mehar Singh Chauhan

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