The Moment

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It’s always in a moment

It’s always that moment

It’s always for a moment

And then it’s gone forever


A flicker of light

A small flame

A gust of wind

A small wave


It was there

For a moment

Didn’t you see

I lived for a while


The dreams that were spun

The lies that were told

All telling the same story

Of a future untold


A ray of light

Flashes before my eyes

Taking me back to the place

I’d somehow left behind


The moment was there

The moment stood still

With you and me together

I could still see it


It was perfect

The setting and the stage

Replaying it a thousand times

Inside my own head


The meeting divine

Oh how I wish I could rewind

So that I could see you once again

A memory so pure, so untouched, so rare


But it passes away

Like a fleeting touch

How I wish for some more

To be spent with only you


My last wish is to be

With you for an eternity

Let’s make memories again

That will last us for a lifetime


Let there be happiness

Bad times we’ll conquer

And in that one moment

We will live our life together


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