The Unfortunate


Hundred years you wish to live!
How many for your greed?
How many for your soul?

To become a slave – the first twenty
To get accustomed the next
To realize the undesired- one moment
Only to get going again

Unwillingly we do the doing
Risk is not a choice
For we are to live in a society
The one with closed eyes

Love the work, and find happiness
Said my aunt jenny,
Who re we fooling here aunt?
Isn’t life bigger than the penny?

Helpless-we are
Clueless- we aren’t
Hopeful- we should
and Merciful- HE is

I just am not satisfied with this schedule
Eat, work and disappear?
“Oh! dear, not me,”
says my heart.
Loud. AS LOUD as it could

Sorry- guts and thoughts- on a vacation

The group walk-we are taught
So is our walk-upright as directed
Abiding the taught
Denying the soul-it’s food
There goes the topper, the good.


Ever thought of  LIVING my friend?
ask yourself..
Ever LIVED my friend?

ask yourself again
Ever will LIVE my friend?
dont even ask this
ah! THY  unfortunate.

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