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The world is becoming such a difficult place to live. As a woman, I am ashamed and horrified at the kind of atrocities being committed against women again and again. And more or less, I am disappointed at the fact that we can’t even depend on our own society for justice and protection.

Being a women feels like a black spot in today’s India. With all these murders and gang rapes and brutal crimes committed against women, it feels horrible to be a woman and not be able to do anything about it.

But my question is, why should we be ashamed for the hideous activities committed by these animals? It seems that humanity, morality, and values are decreasing and we are living in a society full of cold blooded animals. Humanity sadly does not exist anymore.

But why should we as women feel ashamed and scared to venture out of our homes? Why should we have to stay at homes, hide behind veils or carry a knife every time we even think of going out alone? Why shouldn’t we be independent and live alone just because some men cannot control their hormones and lose it every time they see a women.

It’s not the clothes or the actions of women that leads to the crimes, it’s because men have become savages and their sick mentality and psycho tendencies leads them to commit such crimes. Why should women be blamed every time a man loses his mind and resorts to such sick activities?

It’s those sick bastards who should be ashamed and even more so, the parents who raised such heinous beasts. They should be ashamed for not teaching them to respect a woman and then supporting them in their acts of crime. It’s their mothers who should be ashamed, who instead of being proud of being a woman and supporting their kin support their animal sons who should actually be hanged to death or banish in hell forever.

I know that I am being reactive and angry here, but look around and see what’s happening in the country today, my country that is being raped and shamed every time its women are harassed. The society is no longer a sane one, filled with rapists and animals everywhere.

Is there a solution for turning these animals into responsible men who are there to protect women, not exploit them? Start with those women who raise such beasts, educate them so that the society can see more men and not such animals. Educate women not to put up with such atrocities and arm against such sick bastards, use a knife, a pepper spray or anything that can help you out of the situation.

Teach these animals to be men, don’t teach women to become cowards. The need of the hour is to have more men and more courageous women, around. The need is to instill back the losing human values and eradicate savagery from the society. It takes time and a value based education but start from your hearts.

I am a woman, I will dress up the way I want, I will stay alone, earn my living, be independent and be free in this society. I have the right to safety in a place full of beasts and I will take it. All these animals can go take a hike and may they stay in hell where they belong. This society is for humans and its time we reclaim it back!

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