The Untold Story of Many…

child abuse

“Abuse leaves its mark; the earlier it is inflicted, the deeper the wound.”

Abuse is faced by all in one way or the other, because as much as we may wish it, life is not perfect. However, facing abuse and being forced to mature at the age of six is not justice to the concept called life.

Six year old Maya was a girl showered with love; love from her family, her friends and even friends of her family. Love was shown to Maya in all its forms, even in the manner a six-year-old would not understand. Maya was a sexually abused six-year-old; a girl who confused the disgusting acts of her ‘uncles’ with loving games.

One of the ‘games’ that Maya played with her uncle hurt her, made her bleed. This was the day that changed her life. Maya’s mother discovered the wound when she found her daughter crying and realised the plight her daughter had just gone through.

Maya was confused. Her uncle loved her; why would he hurt her like that? Why did she have to show herself to doctors who used strange-looking instruments on her? Why were her parents worried and angry? And above all – Why was she not allowed to play with her uncle again?

All her questions were unanswered. Maya was forced to grow up. She does not play games anymore, not even the innocent ones. Unlike every other girl, Maya knows and had experienced the secrets of sex at the age of six. Maya lost her childhood.

Today Maya is beautiful 21-year-old. She is smart, cheerful and still adored by all. Maya loves the people around her. She enjoys participating in activities that interest her. Like every girl her age, she enjoys parties, dates and spending long evenings with her friends. The way Maya’s life has shaped up may give the illusion that she has moved on.

Like a unbloomed flower, she shut the world from her deepest emotions. Maya did not move on. She grew to be a fragile and weak girl, who wears a mask every single day of her life.

Recalling her experiences and contemplating on the way her life took course, Maya believes that she grew lonely in many ways. She did not trust love anymore, even when it came from her own family. The more she tried to run away, the more lost she felt.

Today Maya deeply misses male attention in her life. Her ‘games’ and experiences got her hooked on to a feeling that was unique to her. She knows she is wrong and feels ashamed about her needs. This is the main reason that has led her to believe that she was the cause of pain. Maya blames herself for the ordeal she and her family had to go through and this will mar her life forever.

Maya – A cheerful young girl, grown into a smart beautiful woman; physically.

Maya – A mature six-year-old, grown into a weak and needy woman; mentally.

How many stories like that of Maya have gone untold? How many people out there really understand the effects that child abuse can have?

Our society is one that takes pride in being judgemental. A girl is seeking too much attention? Oh! Such a slut….A girl gets raped? She must have instigated it…A guy who has a feminine side to him? He surely is a homosexual…

Where has our humanity gone? Has it become a trend to judge without knowing the underlying stories of a person’s life?

I’ve often come across people who think of themselves as astute, people who label right and wrong, people who claim to reach out to those in need…But, are these doing enough? Are they trying to understand the innermost emotions, while they preach to the rest?

It’s something to think about…How well do you really know someone to pass a judgement on them? It might be your lover, your best friend or even someone from your own family…

Everyone has an untold story. Maybe, not as bad as Maya. Or, maybe even worse.

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2 Responses to The Untold Story of Many…

  1. Anukool says:

    The best defense against child abuse is to educate children about it, I know a couple who work towards transforming the educational system/children in India. Educating the children and parents against Child abuse is one of their initiatives (

    As far as society and the way people think and comment, not even GODS could escape it :-) we have evidences from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

    Ignoring such people works, after all its an individuals life and he is free to live the way he wants, provided he is not harming others.

    • Aletta Dcruz says:


      Completely agree with you. I have done a decent amount of research on child abuse and its one thing that affects me very deeply.

      As far as society is concerned, I have friends who have been victims of child abuse, which really has played its role in shaping their personalities. Its sad to see people pass judgements and come to conclusions about them, without knowing so much.

      It was just a thought that irked me. :)

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