Together They Knew


She waited,

In her heart she waited,

Waiting for him to break the Silence,

The Silence that was drowning her in herself.

He wished,

For a little dream he wished,

Wishing that she would see and know

The love for her in the words he drowned.

She hoped,

For a future together she hoped,

A hope of a beautiful endless journey,

Bound in love and faith for eternity.

He loved,

With all his heart he loved,

Loving completely, he gave it all to her,

So that nothing was left for another.

She believed,

In them together she believed,

Believing that no storm could sink

The ship they were bound to sail forever.

He knew, that no words could fill the silence,

She knew, the love sparkling in his eyes,

He knew, that they were meant to be together,

She knew, that the love was only for her,

He knew, that they would survive it all,

Together, Forever!

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One Response to Together They Knew

  1. MSC says:

    Wow, heavy one Swati. Nice style of writing too.

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