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The bad dreams haunt me
The memory freezes
As if in the moment
It replays itself over and over
Making me relive
The horror over and over
Take it away from me
Make it go away
Give me a memory
That I can keep
It grows darker and darker
With every passing moment
Give me a memory
That I can live in forever
The hope dies within
The darkness unfolds
The fury of the GODS
Is unleashed over
I am scared
I am blind
To the pain that comes
With each strike
I want to run
Yet I am frozen
Unable to move
I am withering away
Slowing dying
Dying a painful death
The dreams shatter
Like a pane of glass
Fragmented in a million pieces
It is impossible to see another
Life goes out
As slowly as it can
Bearing with it the pain
All locked up inside my heart
I am suffering
I am breaking
Losing control
Slipping into oblivion
Call me crazy
Call me mad
But I can see
The darkness coming back
Nowhere to run
I am trapped inside
My own heart is the jail
I am dying inside


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