We, The Puppets


I see but I am blinded

Blinded by the farce playing out

The farce being played by all of us

The puppets tied by a string on the earth

I don’t want to go but I am moving

Moving against my will

They say its all destiny

If it is all planned, then why play it at all?

Maybe it is for the fun of GODS

To see their games working out

The puppets don’t even know which teams they are on

They are simply playing tied by a string on the earth

I may sound cynical right now

Questioning our mere existence here

Lost all sense of reality in all the farce

That seems to be playing out here

Why don’t we revolt against it?

I ask but it is strangely too quiet

Maybe it is not our place to question

Cos we are the puppets tied by a string on the earth

So as I go on dancing and moving

On the whims and fancies of the above

I feel like a princess under a curse

And no prince can free me from it

Cos he is tied by the string too

Under the same damn old curse

Waiting for the GODS to make up their minds

He’ll be here when they decide its time

And here I thought it was my life

Maybe its part of the farce too

To see the puppet rot in his own defiance

And go back to doing another show

I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance

To meet the inventors of the farce

And maybe I’ll see the joke going on

Of playing with puppets tied by a string on this earth

But till then I am blinded you see

Blinded by the farce playing out

Can’t blame you for playing out the farce

Cos even you are a puppet tied by a string on this earth

And when my show is up

Some other puppet will take my place

Because the show must go on my dear puppets

We are the only entertainment available for the GODS of our day.


*Photo Credits – examiningcalvinism.com

4 Responses to We, The Puppets

  1. Aarti says:

    We do our parts and move on to experience what others roles are in our lives. And as they say, someday, someone will enter whose role will be to stay with you.. forever.

  2. Aarti says:

    And also, that’s life. You can take it in the right spirit, or sulk or even be entangled in it’s complexity. :)

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Yes but that also means we have no control of what is happening in our lives, we don’t get to decide how long we have to stay in this place or when will it be that our time is up here. That does kinda get to you but then who can ever prove what the truth is anyways! The brain is yet to be explored and these little secrets yet to see the light of the day. Till then we can just assume and live our lives to the fullest and hope for wisdom to dawn on us poor fellows soon.

  3. MSC says:

    hahhahahahahaha! no wonder we’re friends Swati. :D Did theology not help you? I thought u’d feel better?

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