What if I had a Time Machine?

time machine

Have always wanted one for myself. It is the thing that got me in to science during my high school, and it is the one that has still kept me interested. Ever since the days of ‘Indradhanush’* on Doordarshan there is something about being able to travel back and forth in time, that hasn’t left me.

* Indradhanush – A TV show featured around late 80s. Reluctantly sharing for the benefit of those, who weren’t born yet. Even at the risk of being tagged as ‘uncle’, by the pretty female following of MyShareCafe.

 I was so awe stuck by the idea of time travel, that I found it absolutely unnecessary to be put down by the fact that it might well not be possible during my life span. Only recently, did I begin to ask myself a question. Why did I want it so badly?

Having a sub-average interest in world history, I couldn’t think of it as an archeological device being used to discover missing links in the evolution of human civilization. Though I agree, having a personal one on one session with Adolf Hitler or the Mahatma wouldn’t be such a bad idea, yet I believe that was not the prime mover behind my want.

I started to think of things that I would have done with such a time machine, provided I miraculously discovered one such equipment in an abandoned parking lot of a deserted upcountry mall.

All I could think of was…NOTHING!

I pushed myself harder. After all, it has been my childhood fantasy to be able to ride the time machine. How could I not know of anything to do, if I really got into one today?

Why wouldn’t have I not turned myself stingingly rich? Would I have gone to a different college? Made different friends? Married a different girl?

NOTHING! Ridiculous. This just isn’t right. There has to be something. I haven’t just wanted to have something so badly, without knowing what to do with it.

That moment I pretty much felt like the dog that chases cars on the street, without having any plans to drive it!

The want for a change the past or the present stems from an underlying guilt, regret or discontent. As far as I know of them, these feelings cannot be termed as positive.

Given a flexibility to change an event based on these feelings, I would never be satisfied. One change would only motivate me to make another one, just to make the present even better than the present that has already been altered once.

Perfection is a relative state of mind, can hardly be achieved, in reality.  While it may be required to continue striving towards it, it need not necessarily be achieved at any cost. Specially, striving to attain perfection in life, through a time machine I will be caught up in a spiraling loop of occurrence and re-occurrence.

Let us look at the specifics. What’s the harm in being a little richer? It surely doesn’t hurt.

Imagine if I did actually go back to alter my past in a way, that made me rich in my current present. Having gotten rich, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the college that I did. Consequently, wouldn’t have joined the first job that I did. Wouldn’t have probably met the girl I married. Wouldn’t have been a father to my daughter!

But I didn’t want any of this to change. Just a want of being a richer, doesn’t come in isolation. I would have had to go back and change other element too.

There was a way, for me to have been happy with more money and none of the other stuff. If I had no memory of my current present! But that’s not the point of time travel. If we live all over again without a sight of this life, it’s a different life altogether!

Even if I wanted to become wiser by leaving myself a few notes, that too is beyond the point. Wisdom is nothing but collective set of human experiences. It is gained with time, not snatched overnight.

There are moments of my past that I cherish. Ofcourse. But would their charm be the same if I used my time machine to live thm over every weekend? Every moment that I have lived is special. It’s special, because it is unique. Would it be the smae if there were many of them? 

All in all, if I made any alterations to my past I would have different me in the present. I do not want a different me. I do not want a different present. But the power to have a different future rests with me. It is up to me to exercise it..

Time Machine or No Time Machine; I am a time traveller. Albeit, in just one direction!

One Response to What if I had a Time Machine?

  1. Anukool says:

    Nice one sir!!! very rightly said, Perfection cannot be achieved, if there were perfection in our universe and there would have been no concept of Entropy!!!

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