What lies beneath, Truth n Lies…


What lies beneath, truth n lies

We value some, for some we breathe
We take them for granted, for some we dump them
Relationships and friendships are always tricky

Few become a reason for laughter
Some make u cry all night n some let u sleep peacefully
They hurt you yet they stay with you ardently in thoughts

Some seem complicated,
for some we complicate them ourselves
Some remain too simple n loose essence
some are left only to be loved more by each second passing by

few are unforgettable
they live even after we die
some become stronger with time

For few time is a killer, they just dont survive
some are to be bygone n forgotten as if they never existd
Few are left only to be kept in life as a lasting and loving memory
They make u stronger yet they make you go weak in your knees
They kill you yet, they make u smile

They’ve got the power to get the hell out of you

So make it a point that u always treat them as an important part of life…
Life is full of life only if its full of loving relationships and ever lasting friendships

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