What will Triumph the World?


The world as we see is a constant playground of the good and evil. The contest is ubiquitous. The more you think about it, the more it appears that the good and the evil are actually two sides of the same coin and are meant to co-exist, by the very design itself. But if one may ask, if only one of them were to win the game of life, which one would it be.

Picture this. A hundred young kids, beaming with life, energy and promise of a bright future in their eyes left this morning for their schools, leaving their mothers worried, if they have had enough for breakfast. Some were to get scolded for not completing their homework while some were to be appreciated. Some probably were to train hard for their upcoming track and field event. Others, had their nets lined up with the coach.

None, were meant to take bullets in their arms and their legs. None, were meant to be dragged out of their drawing, painting and crafts classes, made to stand in a line and shot with bullets leaving six inches of cavity in their bodies and taking their lives away. But it all happened. It all happened today, in one of the most ghastly act of barbarism and mindless violence that unfolded today in a school of Peshawar, Pakistan.

It made me all think, if the evil would eventually triumph this world and this world as we know it, would implode.  Afterall, evil is the one that seems to be increasing in strength and tenacity every passing day. A few years ago, a few men showered bullets on commuters of Mumbai local in India and a few men today,  stooped even lower and decided that it was enough of life for these hundred kids in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Some say, religion is the cause of all evil. I guess not. There can not be a religious justification for killing Allah’s beautiful creations, in the name of Allah. Evil is something bigger than religion. And, beyond it..

Evil has certainly gained and is gaining by the day. So would it be the one to eventually triumph the world. Would goodness remain a silent onlooker and witness to the destruction that evil would unfold.

I think not.

The incident today, has made me witness something that has no precedent for me. Like many average patriotic Indians, my wife too does not have any particular fondness for Pakistan or Pakistanis. Singing “Vande Matram” or the national anthem gives her the goosebumps and she is visibly filled with the national pride.

But something she did today, took me by surprise. She cried. She cried inconsolably, reading the news of the kids that went slaughter on the altars of evil today.  She actually cried. For the kids that belong to a country that kills her country’s civilians and soldiers. I remember her getting agitated at each act of terrorism and cowardice but hadn’t seen her breakdown to tears.

.Her tears, were not of an Indian but of a mother who scrambles every morning to get her daughter ready in time, while she pushes for her office. In her fast pace daily rush, she paused!

This undoubtedly left me sad but also left me with a hope that goodness is not dead yet. While the evil has touched a new peak, so has the goodness found a new meaning today. Goodness, that knows and understands no boundaries. Goodness, that understands love and is capable of feeling the pain of someone else.

Am happy to know that she is not the only one. There are a million or probably a billion of us that share the same emotion today. This goodness is what got reflected in the outpour of emotion and anger to condemn the incident. It is this goodness, that made the so-called hindu hardliner Prime Minister of India, to call the Prime Minister of Pakistan and offer all help  to combat the menace together.

I believe if there are evil designs to keep these two nations at swords length, there is also enough goodness that can and in my heart will triumph these designs.

In this moment of despair and shared sorrow with our neighbours, there is a new hope kindled in my heart today, that goodness is the one that will triumph the world!


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