Who is educated?


Below are a few incidents which I came across at Chennai a few months back, all these incidents happened on rainy mornings on water logged roads

Incident 1:-  In a cab, there were 4 people working for reputed IT company, all four of these professionals were Engineers from reputed colleges. Cab was going through a water logged street (which is common during rainy season), then came a Rickshaw wala from front, Cab driver accelerated the car through water and splashed the rickshaw wala, poor chap!!!, he just started his day and was wet from head to toe on a cold morning. The four engineers in the Cab instead of saying anything to Cab driver started to laugh at rickshaw puller.

Incident 2:- There was a BMW going through a water logged road, the owner of this car, in order to flaunt himself, had written the name of his university at the back of BMW followed by the word “Graduate”. Lets assume if some has passed out from Beta University and he wants the world to know about his university like our BMW owner, he will write “Beta Graduate” on his number plate. I do not want to name the university here, but it is one of the most famous university of the world. The owner was very well dressed, looking quite refined.

Then came a school kid, who approximately would be in 6-7th standard, he was coming from the opposite direction on his bicycle, probably on his way to school. All of a sudden BMW went by him at a high speed and splashed whole lot of water and mud all over him, on his school bags and bicycle.

Incident 3:- Office cab, this time I was the first person in the car, the car driver was in a hurry and was driving fast, again came a water logged street. There was a rickshaw wala coming from the front. The road was full of water, immediately, cab driver applied the brakes and slowed down till rickshaw wala passed. I asked him why did you slow down man? Cab driver told:“Sir I have a car by God’s grace, however this rickshaw fellow has just started his day, he has to work all day long to earn his daily bread, if i would have rushed through the water, i would have spoiled his whole day. He could have fallen sick and his family would have left with no food to eat for a few days, that for sure will make me feel guilty of this deed”. This driver was only 10th pass and was driving local cabs since last 6 yrs.

Who is educated and sensible among these three incidents, IT Professionals, B School Graduate or Cab driver in incident 3?

2 Responses to Who is educated?

  1. Ravi Prakash says:

    One Such Example, even I too have. We were there on the road volunteering an activity. The agenda was to try and make sure the ongoers don’t sound their horns while they were passing us. We were also given a Banner with a huge DONT SOUND HORN symbol on it.

    A young guy, driving a well off car…smiled and just got stuck to the Horn bar and ensured the entire street was knowing that his Car had a horn. Not sure what he was thinking though!

    Thus there is quite a huge lot of Educated Fools…who under the rebellion mask try and ensure others are troubled!

  2. Anukool says:

    Thats true Ravi… especially in our country, looks like education is not serving the real purpose!!!

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