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Everyone has a wonderland, a place you design and furnish like they made Dreams in Inception, a place where you find comfort and run away to when the reality becomes too hard to face, a place where you are not scared to be what you truly are and you live like what you’ve always wanted to be!

Everyone has that wonderland, you-me-your friends-your neighbor- your boss- your colleagues- your domestic help- your enemy and so on and so forth.

You call it the wonderland, for me it is my Neverland. I saw this movie “Finding Neverland” and would urge all those people who believe in their own wonderlands to go and watch this Oscar winning piece of art! But this article is not about the movie, it’s about the freedom to live our wonderland, believe in it and be proud of its very existence.

We all have a version inside our own minds, a version of ourselves and how we wish to be in reality. I know I am a pretty little witch who goes to Hogwarts, has the golden ring, fights even better than Neo with all those kick ass moves and is better than Sherlock Holmes at solving the mystery of the lost spectacles (which incidentally were resting on my head but gave my imagination a good long run for 1 hour!) Sounds lame? But think, haven’t you done the same thing with your own self, maybe not so lame but surely worthy enough to get an entry in the lame competition and be actually proud of it?

I know there was a time when I wouldn’t even dare to disclose that I had a Neverland in the first place! I mean what was original about my world anyway? The movie buff that I am, any movie that I saw would find a place in my world, the characters so alive that it almost felt real and there was nothing in the world which was impossible for me! Hell, heaven, the earth or the universe, there was absolutely no limits to my imagination! I was living my Neverland but in secret, maybe because I was embarrassed of what people would think of me or maybe because I felt others won’t understand it.

But things changed or maybe I realized people are more or less the same. They all dream, they are all spy’s and super heroes in their secret world and they all believe that the other person will never be able to understand it. But we forget, how different people might seem to be, when it boils down to the basics, they are all the same with their similar set of problems and emotions, they all feel happy, get jealous, cry when they are sad, dance in the rain, want to succeed and work hard, yet sleep for hours when they get the chance, want to explore the world but without even lifting a finger, eat, drink, sleep, dream, live and die.

And maybe because of this knowledge I know, that if I can’t bare out my soul to the people and share my secret Neverland with them, then I can’t do it with anybody because if they can’t understand it, then nobody will.

But that is not the point of this article, it is not to get you guys acquainted with the idea of Wonderland and get you all to accept it (ofcourse that is part of it but you’ll accept it when you understand your own world), but that is not the point at all. The point is to make you understand that the spy’s and the Super heroes that you wish to be in that wonderland, you are already that in the real life too! Of course I don’t mean that you are a witch in the real world too and you never knew about it, that would be totally absurd now won’t it be.

The point is not what we are potraying, but what we are pretending to be that is important. I know I play the role of a pretty agent with the brains a thousand times more genius than Einstein and with the moves which will even put Bruce Lee to shame. Now I am nowhere close to being a pretty agent with a sharp mind and sexy moves, in reality I am a boring singleton with a boring job who wishes to be crazy for once in her life and just let her hair down and go absolutely mad! I wish to do it in reality too as I do it in my Neverland but what I am really looking for is an assurance that I am a smart woman who is sure of herself and is a genius at atleast something in her life.  What I really want is to be successful and pretty and someone who everyone looks up to for anything!

In short I am looking for this assurance in my Neverland when I could never realize that I am all of these things in reality too! I was just looking for it in the wrong place! i was looking for an acceptance from the people I neither know or care about and I gave those people a miss who could have made me realize what I truly was worth and instill my confidence back in me again! I am beautiful for my parents, heck I am the prettiest in their eyes! And there I was having all sorts of degrading notions about me through school and college just because a bunch of guys would bully me like hell in school. I am a genius but that does not have to be in studies where my marks showed my smart sharp mind but not a very genius one. But then being perfect at everything or at something would be boring and then there would be nothing to lean about it anymore so I like  being a jack of all trades in this case, so that I continue learning throughout my life! My own sister looks up to me and wishes to follow in my footsteps and simply loves me unconditionally! I never realized I was setting an example for her!

But we miss things like that in life. We are so busy pin pointing our imperfections that we forget that perfection is simply a myth. Instead of celebrating our imperfections and reveling in them, we are constantly judging our own selves and trying to achieve that blurry sense of imperfection that some complete stranger has for us. Is it even worth it, ask yourselves and think about those number of times when you tried to change who you are for someone who did not even matter to you after some time? Why can’t we be proud of who we are, of our true basic self and celebrate our real self and take pride in it?

There is nothing called perfection thus stop trying to achieve it. Your imperfections make you perfect. I have the worst body balance ever and nobody falls more than me. In fact if someone can fall even while standing idly, it will have to be me! And I walk like I have permanent springs attached to my feet so basically I hop, skip and jump all the way to glory! Should I be upset and cry over the fact that I can never wear 6 inches heel and walk like a lady? Why bother when it doesn’t matter to the people I love (of course my mother has given up trying to teach me how to walk properly but what the heck, she is my mother and has to take care of things like that!). but the point is, stop wasting your life crying over how GOD has made you so imperfect while your chacha’s daughter’s friend’s neighbour’s Canada wali aunty’s boss’s ex employee is so perfect!

No one in this world is perfect! Everyone has their own set of problems to deal with, their own imperfections to live with. Do this world a favor and stop judging them and your own life as well. Everyone’s destiny is different, their journey is different so stop thinking about stuff which is not in your hands! Smile, be happy and live life king size. You are responsible for your own life only so just concentrate on that, dream your wonderland and celebrate yourself. Love and respect yourself and you’ll discover you are much more wonderful than the wonderland version of you. And you’ love and respect yourself even more!

I know I do and after this, I want you to look in the mirror and love what you see there! Life will be much more beautiful when you do that! Happy re-discovering yourself!


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